Hilarious Ad Shows One Sure Way To Make Drivers Stop Texting

Funny Ad Texting While Driving

Internet-addicted drivers can be a pain in the ass on the road. Constantly checking their notifications or texting back, they’re annoying to talk to and even a threat to passengers. Well, there’s nothing to do about that, right?! Wrong. New Zealand Transport Agency found a way to stop this bad habit in hilarious ad #automagic

NZ Transport Agency is a governmental unit tasked with promoting safe, responsible driving. Instead of printing flyers and arranging boring billboards to catch drivers’ attention, they did a hilarious ad for… passengers. The script encourages passengers to take back control by preventing drivers to reach their phones, in awkward or loving ways:

Okay. So, maybe this 2.5m views idea isn’t very efficient. What can you do? Hope for a change of attitude or invest in a smart car. A driver monitoring system is going to keep your loved ones safe(r). By recognizing faces, detecting and tracking eyes, blinks and head/eye movements, a DMS system can “see” when the driver is not watching the road and alert him. After sunset, when there’s little light except for the distracting smartphone screen, you’ll find that a sensor system and top-notch computer vision algorithms like FotoNation has developed, are more than needed.

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