HTC Is Opening VR Arcades in China

htc viveport arcades vr

HTC is doing its best to bring VR content closer to end users. The company is now offering people in China and Taiwan the opportunity to try their Vive headsets before buying them in Viveport arcades #realitymagic

These VR arcades are especially promising to those of you who are curious to experience virtual reality but are put off by the high price of the Vive.  Games and apps compatible with the Vive headset will roll in these arcades implemented by HTC’s partner in the venture, Leke VR.

Entire rooms decorated with bikes and gaming guns are ready to welcome enthusiasts in China and Taiwan beginning with January 2017. The physical environment is set to augment the virtual reality experience. VR may be marketed as a great solo experience for homebodies but why not bring a friend along? These arcades are one spot to try VR with friends, without buying an extra gear.

HTC intends to open thousands of Viveport Arcades this year in the two locations mentioned. There’s no word on whether this experience will come to US and Europe, as well.

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