Hydrogen One To Be Released This Summer

Credit: Red Official

Although there is no word about a release date or a retail price, RED’s Hydrogen One phone will be coming to Verizon and AT&T this summer.

Preorders opened last July, with an early $1,200 price tag, but the phone was delayed until August 2018. The delay was due to RED trying to work out carrier certification, the company’s founder, Jim Jannard, had said.

Hydrogen One is, afterall, getting support on two of the largest American carriers, so the delay is understandable.

The Hydrogen One is expected to stand out from other smartphones by sporting a 5.7 “holographic display”, which will use RED’s 4-view video format to display a 3D effect without the user needing glasses. Without seeing it in person, one can’t really tell how innovative the display will prove to be.

The phone has been promising a lot of things ever since last year, including availability in titanium and aluminium, support of modular attachments and holographic multiview. The question we are all waiting to have an answer to is if the Hydrogen One will deliver, or if it will leave us disappointed.

Do you think the Hydrogen One will prove to be as revolutionary as advertised?

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