Hyperloop TT to Bring 10 Km Hyperloop in Abu Dhabi

Only one week after announcing the testing of hyperloop in France, Hyperloop TT introduces an even more impressive project. The company wants to bring a commercial hyperloop system in UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi.

With a planned length of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), the test track will be built near the border that separates Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The location was picked strategically, as Hyperloop TT wants to finish the impressive project in time for Expo 2020, a festival dedicated to human ingenuity.

The long-term plan is to eventually expand this 10 km hyperloop into a complete network, more than 1000 km in length, between the cities of Middle East, going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and then Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

This network will also include a connection between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Right now, to cross from one place to the other, you’d have to drive an hour and a half and do a 139 km journey. How long would it take to travel via Hyperloop? Just 12 minutes.

“A forward-thinking nation like the UAE is ideal for building the most revolutionary, most efficient, and fastest transportation system in the world. With this historic agreement in Abu Dhabi, we take a big step towards the world’s first commercial system,” said Hyperloop’s CEO.

It’s indeed an amazing development for the idea brought to the world by Elon Musk. Now, Virgin’s Hyperloop One will definitelyhave  a new challenge to overcome.

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