IBM Watson And Udacity Will Teach Artificial Intelligence Online Course

udacity artificial intelligence

You’re starting to feel that artificial intelligence is the future. Don’t worry, there are more people who think like you, especially after news like this and this. AI is fascinating but if you want to work with it in this lifetime, Udacity and IBM Watson are ready to help by introducing an online AI course #machinemagic

The online course is in fact a nanodegree program meant to help students who already have experience with software development. After the end of the program, they will be able to build platforms with logic and planning, using computer vision and NLP.

Sounds tempting? The Udacity nanodegree will consist of two 13-week terms, at the beginning of 2017.  IBM Watson will develop the curriculum with the educational platform Udacity, while Didi Chuxing (the ride-sharing company from China) will offer graduates a place to work and Amazon Alexa will supervise and advice Udacity’s course.

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