Insta360 Air

Insta360 Air Is An Affordable 360‎° Camera Option For Android Phones

This year, at IFA, we met the Insta360 team and saw first-hand how their Nano camera helped iPhones capture 360-degree spherical videos easily. Now, they’re releasing Insta360 Air, an even more affordable option for Android smartphones #objectmagic

Insta360 Air takes less space than its predecessor. If Nano was a long, rectangular accessory, attachable through the Lightning Port, Air is a small, spherical add-on that goes on the bottom of your Android phone. It’s equipped with 210° dual fish-eye lens that help you capture 3K stills and 2K videos.

The app does real-time image stitching so you can see the final result on your phone before uploading it to Social Media or just livestream it. Of course, you can edit your images and videos before posting, via app.

What we really liked was the fact that this baby can be used as a 360 webcam, too. A multifunctional extension cable will help you connect it to your laptop in no time. Insta360 Air is crowdfunding now on IndieGogo at a $99 price with total $119 retail price. You can choose from four different colors: matte black,  rose pink, white and silver, rich gold.


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