iPhone 8 Report Suggests Optical Fingerprint Scanner Is In The Cards

iphone 8 concept optical fingerprint scanner
iPhone 8 concept

A new report coming from Economic Daily News suggests iPhone 8 owners will unlock their devices by touching the OLED display. It seems that Apple is going to embed an optical fingerprint sensor in their future device #mobilemagic

Chinese publication Economic Daily News reports that in a recent conference, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) made several comments regarding the hardware on the future iPhone 8. According to them, the smartphone will feature a new optical fingerprint sensor technology that will allow users to open the phone from the display. So, the home button will be a no-show, the Touch ID system being integrated in the OLED display.

This information corroborates previous speculations that Apple had found a way to get rid of the home button for good, not just shove it to the back of the device like other manufacturers did. Considering TSMC is the company manufacturing the Apple A11 chip, their statements might actually be true, not just a ruse.

TSMC spokesperson also said that the iPhone 8’s screen ratio will shift from a 16:9 to an 18.5:9, similar to the one LG G6 sports. That’s gonna be a visible change in design, one that we can’t wait to see. Finally, TSMC stated that iPhone 8 will come with “invisible” infrared sensors that will enable the enhanced camera and augmented reality features. 

With this technology on board, a stainless steel and glass body, plus almost bezel-less screen, iPhone 8 is going to be a real looker. That is why we believe Apple is going to raise the price of its handset even more. That said, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are likely to sell at a similar price to that of its predecessors, since they will be just slightly tweaked.

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