This iPhone Game Is Played With Your Eyebrows


With TrueDepth camera around and Apple’s ARKit at their disposal, developers are getting creative. One computer science grad just came up with a game that can be played with your face, more specifically, with your eyebrows #mobilemagic

Rainbrows is a new iPhone X game puts your eyebrows at work. Nathan Gitter, a computer science grad from Washington University, came up with the idea after Apple released a mapping technology for human faces and an augmented reality kit for developers.

The iOS app will be a pleasure to play as long as your eyebrow game is strong. The goal of the game is to control a smiley by moving up/raising your eyebrows, moving down/frowning or stay put/keep them steady.

Just flick your eyebrows like Leonardo DiCaprio to dodge emojis and amass points:

The game will be integrated with Apple’s Game Center soon, if all goes well, and welcome a multiplayer option too, says Gitter.

While Rainbrows is certainly a guilty pleasure, it can also serve as a great example of what hands-free, facially-controlled games will look in years to come and how they could improve the lives of people with disabilities.

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