iPhone SE 2 New Design Could Make It A Roaring Success

iPhone SE 2

It’s still early to talk about the features of next-gen iPhones but we can surely speculate around their design. After all, renders have been going around the web for a while now and they all point to a couple of significant changes that… could turn the next iPhone SE into a roaring success!

According to BGR, we can bet on an iPhone SE 2 with the same almost bezel-less screen and therefore, notch. That design decision carries with it other two, maybe three changes: the removal of the home button, the disappearance of the headphone jack and the added bonus of Face ID.

If that news doesn’t come as the best surprise ever, you’ll smile more knowing that the company will probably stick to the aluminum chassis. The glass is needed for wireless charging, but the aluminum one will definitely be more durable.

iphone x se


As for the dual camera, it might not appear after all in this iteration. That would mean iPhone SE 2 or iPhone X SE will stick to 2GB of RAM. Apple increased RAM knowing a dual main camera would need it in the end.

That said, those rumored adjustments and the increase in screen (to a 6.2-inch size) will definitely bump up the price. This year, we could be looking at a $799 iPhone SE. That’s a huge increase if you consider the selling price of the one on the market right now: around $350.

Still, if you want your next phone to sport the notch, Face ID and run iOS, it could be your best option.

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