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JDI Offers 651ppi Display For A Smooth, Clear VR Experience


Japan Display (JDI) has unveiled a display technology that could solve our problems with motion sickness and fuzzy imagery when trying on VR headsets. Its LTPS TFT LCD technology comes with a dense 651 pixels-per-inch display #realitymagic

The 3.42-inch panels could make many high-end VR headsets better at providing a truly immersive, pleasant experience. These come with  1440×1700 resolution that translates intro 651PPI, a bigger figure than any of the current consumer-ready VR devices offer. Playstation VR has the worst PPI number – 386PPI – followed by HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Samsung’s Gear VR reaching the top once paired with a QHD smartphone panel (557 PPI).

The other feature JDI’s display plans to attract VR manufacturers with is the refresh rate. It boasts a 90Hz rate, meaning it will make users less prone to motion sickness. As for the “downgrade” you think you’d make using a VR headset with JDI (going from OLED panels to LCD), well things aren’t so black and white. In fact, the Black-to-White latency required by Google Daydream is less than 3ms and JDI display is almost there with 3ms.

It’s still a step away from ideal but they could bridge this gap in the near future, when the company is set to release a 880PPI display. It all depends on the number of actual demands from VR headsets manufacturers.

JDI Offers 651ppi Display For A Smooth, Clear VR Experience
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