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Karma Drone Video Shows Exactly Why GoPro Recalled All Units

In a move that shocked GoPro fans, the company announced this week it was recalling all Karma drone units sold. Owners were asked to return their drones with the promise of a full refund, while GoPro investigated why the 2500 pieces sold failed to complete a full flight. The reason for recalling was “lost power during operation“. Now, a video shows exactly what made the company stop selling drones at less than two weeks after launch #actionmagic

User @BrianWarholak uploaded a clip showcasing the error GoPro was talking about. At about 170 feet in the air, according to Brian, the drone suddenly loses power and lands hard on the ground. From that height, you better believe it crashed arms and propellers. To make things worse, this was his second flight with Karma before having to return the UAV and get his money back.

“2nd time flying my GoPro Karma, and it loses connection at about 170 feet and falls to the ground. I have contacted GoPro Support, and uploaded the pics and flight logs. Hoping they at least send me a replacement arm and props. Luckily, I only broke one of the arms and 2 props. Other than that, it works fine”, said Brian in the description of the video before other users gave him the news of the recall:


Well, at least the video was pretty sharp…

Karma Drone Video Shows Exactly Why GoPro Recalled All Units
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