KFC turns chicken box into a Bluetooth game controller

KFC game controller KFC gamers box bluetooth

There’s offbeat news and then there’s this: KFC game controller. KFC just launched a chicken box game controller with Bluetooth.
In addition to the chicken sandwich, thanks to a partnership with Mountain Dew, hungry gamers will also receive a drink with their purchase. Of course, this being a stunt, only 10 KFC game controller boxes are available. You can win one of them on either KFC India’s or Mountain Dew India’s social media pages.

Before you sign up for the contest, check out the Gamer’s Box 2.0 (and no, there is no Gamer’s Box 1.0) unboxed! Does the KFC game controller come with chicken pieces or strips? Does it have room for fries? How do you eat it, if your hands are holding the controller? No spoilers, watch the action below.


As the trailer says, please, do play with your food!

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