Kodekey Biometric Authentication System Links Your Identity to Your Phone Number

Your smartphone, the thing that knows everything about your life, is going to give you away. Kodekey, a new biometric authentication system turns mobile devices into tokens.

The platform, an idea released by a Puerto Rican startup, is able to link your identity to your phone number, allowing others to find out who you really are. Of course, that’s not an issue in itself; in fact, for companies that require client authentication, it might be easier for you to scan your fingerprint on the mobile device, after activating the KodeKey app. It will clearly facilitate things for the business in question – be it a cable provider or a bank – since they can integrate the KodeKey web service in the site through an API.


How is this going to benefit you? You will gain a way to bypass the old username and password trick humans have been using for years now. It won’t matter if you forget that dreadful combination anymore –  KodeKey will help you authenticate through a biometric print.

Before getting on board, test it with this Kodekey Plugin for WordPress.

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