Koreans Are Now Capturing All Of Their Sides In 3D Selfies


Want to keep a moment frozen in time? A picture is not enough. One company in South Korea is now offering to 3D print selfies of adults, children and even dogs #objectmagic

Keeping action figures of your idols/Marvel heroes is a way to profess your obsession over them. Naturally, having tiny 3D versions of oneself can be seen as a bit narcissistic from someone’s part yet that keeps the business going for one studio in Seoul. Run by Ioys, a 3D figure printing firm, the studio welcomes families to take selfies in a different way.

Instead of standing before a camera, they have to go inside a column booth where 100 cameras start shooting pictures simultaneously. Then, all of them form a digital blueprint for a professional 3D printing machine. In just 3 days, figures of clients ranging from 5cm to 30cm appear, using hundreds of layers of gypsum powder.

Such a speedy process doesn’t come cheap. One action figure can cost from $100 upwards, depending on the size chosen and the complexity.

source: Reuters

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