This Lamborghini Huracán Is World’s Fastest Camera Car

Hollywood is truly fast-paced but there’s no doubt that this Lamborghini Huracán can give it a run for its money.

We’re talking about a one-of-a-kind, $200.000 supercar that got upgraded with a gyro-stabilized camera on the front which brings its total value to $500.000.

This way, camera platform-makers Incline Dynamic Outlet managed to get the title of “world’s fastest camera car”. Just how fast? With 500 horsepower and a 5.2-liter V10 engine, it can reach a speed of 201 mph (323 km/h), being able to capture incredible footage at top speeds.

Incline Dynamic Outlet Lamborghini Huracán gyro-stabilized camera

“What happens when you put 1,600 pounds on an SUV and try and run at track speed while filming the world’s top cars? Up to 60 miles an hour if you’re lucky,” one of its creators told Petapixel, explaining why speed was so necessary.

Right now, Incline Dynamic Outlet says they’re swamped with requests to use the affectionately-named Huracám to film car commercials and even Hollywood blockbusters.

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