This Lamp Transforms Any Flat Surface In An Interface Via AR

What if your office lamp could do more than just cast light during extra hours of work? What if it could turn your desk in an interactive surface and your paper documents in digital ones? It seems a fantasy, but it’s actually possible thanks to Lampix #realitymagic

This smart lamp makes any surface an interface, transforming ordinary things with augmented reality. Using computer vision, it detects objects in its field of view and projects everything you send over from your smartphone. With a Raspberry Pi and 8MP camera on board, it lets you play games, check calendar and much more.

In a Nespresso proof of concept video, Lampix shows descriptions of particular pod flavours on the desk, the moment they’re put in the right circle.

But that’s not all. Lampix treats paper documents as if they were digital, by letting you select and copy words from the hard copy before pasting them to your computer. The gadget will be available for purchase in the fall of 2017, at $300.

This Lamp Transforms Any Flat Surface In An Interface Via AR
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