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Lenovo Retro ThinkPad To Show Up On Its 25th Anniversary

lenovo thinkpad retro edition

Lenovo is preparing something really special for its fans this year. Many of you might not remember, but 25 years ago, the famous ThinkPad was born, changing the course of the company for ever. So, this year, in honor of that launch, Lenovo will unveil a retro version of the old laptop for collectors #hardwaremagic

The Retro ThinkPad Initiative began just as a rumor but this week, design chief David Hill confirmed they’re really working on such a device: “It’s alive.”

“Yes, Lenovo will be making a special edition ThinkPad as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. It’s aimed at enthusiasts and superfans that were kind enough to share their thoughts about what the laptop might be.”

The new laptop will come in a black rubberized coating, unlike the current plastic or carbon ones. Hill also talked about the overall look of the keyboard. You can count on “three TrackPoint caps, and a keyboard to die for.” That sounds like a lot of fun, guys!

The main points that made so many users fall in love with the design of ThinkPad were the red TrackPoint located between the G and H keys and the comfortable keyboard. So, we’re counting to see all that this fall, as well as a more sturdy chassis, although not as thick as the original ThinkPad (56 millimeters).


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