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Smart Patch Can Tell When You’re Stressed And How To Fight It

Lief Smart Patch

Breathing exercises and meditation are go-to “remedies” for stress. Most of us, though, hardly use them when the need arises. We get so caught up in our own worries and fears that remembering them doesn’t even occur to us. An alarm would be good and Lief Smart Patch attempts to be exactly that #objectmagic

The Lief Smart Patch is a wearable that monitors heart rate variability (HRV). This is a biomarker for health, indicating when you’re feeling beaten. A low HRV score indicates anxiety, lack of focus whereas a high score is a sign of well being, that calm state we call “zen”.

To get your score, the patch has to be attached to your chest with stickers, under the left breast. It should be worn the entire day to get a good reading of your heart rate, breathing and HRV. If you get stressed, the patch will vibrate silently, advising you to start 3-minute biofeedback exercises or “doses” you can practice beforehand. Lief practically guides you to breathe in sync with your heart’s restorative rhythm.

The patch is made of medical-grade hypoallergenic silicon, so your skin shouldn’t have any problem with it. It features two ECG sensors and two haptic “engines” to accurately measure your heart rhythm.

Charge it for one hour and you’ll get a week’s use. In this time, Lief Smart Patch will retain your health data and send it to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The device is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The early bird price starts at $179 and is intended to be $299 once it gets on the market.

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