This 3D Printed Electric Car Is Made In Just 3 Days

X Electrical Vehicle Limited (XEV) and Polymaker recently launched this impressive tiny vehicle. The LSEV is a 3D printed electric car that’s made in just three days!

It’s tiny, it’s fierce and it seems like the best choice for traffic-jammed cities – that is, if you don’t want a 3D printed bicycle. Measuring 98 x 51 x 59 inches, the LSEV is even smaller than a Smart ForTwo.

The only parts not made with 3D printing are the chassis, seats and glass components, but that does not slow Polymaker down. From printing to assembly, the entire process takes just 3 days.

The Italian-made designs are sent to manufacturing in China, the factory using common materials like TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), nylon and polylactic acid.

“It actually gives freedom to the style and creativity of designing, and then you can have a lot of variations. And in a short time, we can create a large range of production line,” said Stanley Lu, CEO of XEV.

What’s also fantastic is that the LSEV, due to its 3D printed manufacturing process, consists of only 57 components and weighs just 992 pounds. A conventional vehicle will have upwards of 2,000 components and can weigh anywhere from 2,200 to 3,000 pounds.

The LSEV electric car does have a few limitations as well – it can only reach 43 mph and has a 93-mile maximum operating range. The rest of the specs are not available at the moment, but we do know how it’s gonna sell. It will be done directly to you with C2M (customer-to-manufacturing) ordering.

If you want one, you’ll simply have to order it from the manufacturer. So far, XEV says 7,000 people, mostly from Europe, have placed a pre-order. They will receive the $10,000 LSEV in April 2019.  Until then, maybe this MIT project can also start printing tiny garages.

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