Make your own smartwatch with the Chronos smart watch attachment

Chronos smart watch attachable disk

If you have a bit of time on your hands, pun intended, you can make your own smart watch with Chronos and an old watch. Want to know how?

Chronos, a smart disc, attaches to the back of any watch, even your old Fossil, and adds functionalities like fitness tracking, notification alerts, music controls or “tap to find your phone”.

Seeing how this Chronos smart watch disc is compatible with any watch over 31 mm diameter, so most men’s design, it’s a safe best it can fit to yours. This is the best solution for those who want the functionality of a smart watch but cannot part way with fashion directives. If you’re a fan of bulky, nautical chronographs, the Chronos smart watch might add some unwanted bulk, having a 3 mm thickness and a 33 mm diameter. However, if you like extremely slim designs like the Swatch, Stuhrling or Nomos lines, this smart watch add-on will fit like a dream.

How much? Well, as much as an inferior-range classic smart watch. The Chronos is available for $99.99. It’s a bit pricy but the features are pretty impressive: a charge takes 30 minutes and lasts up to 2 days, it’s splash proof and the attachment is a non-magnetic micro-suction disc that detaches without leaving any residue on your favorite accessory.

Combine this with the ability to completely customise your notifications using various pulse and LED light color combinations AND the fitness tracking that integrates with most health apps, we think the Chronos smart watch accessory is a winner. Want to know if someone added you on Linkedin? Set the Chronos to vibrate once, or maybe glow blue. Incoming mail alert? Set it to a combination of 2 vibrations and a red glow.

For those who want the Chronos smart watch attachment to allow them to step away from the phone, a nifty little feature lets you silence a call by tapping the watch face twice. No more disturbances during meetings! For forgetful folks, multiple taps on the watch will eventually make your phone ring in case you misplaced it.

According to reviewers, the iOS app is smooth, fast and uncomplicated. Android support is on the way, according to the developers, so if you’re not on an Apple smartphone, you might just want to wait a little bit before hitting the order button.

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