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Mavic 2 And Mavic Air: Everything DJI Has In Store For You Tomorrow

dji mavic 2

Update: Leaked images of Mavic Air confirm flight time rumors and gesture control addition. See them here!

A week ago, DJI Mavic Pro gained a pretty unexpected rival, the EVO drone from Autel Robotics. In terms of speed, camera prowess and computer vision features, it trumped DJI’s popular drone. So, are we surprised that the Chinese manufacturer is ready to respond to the “threat” with an upgraded drone already? Nope, not at all. In fact, we’ve heard that during the “Adventure Unfolds” tomorrow, we’ll see the leader on the consumer drone market announce not one, but two attractive drone options #actionmagic

Yep, DJI is ready to showcase Mavic 2 and Mavic Air. What’s the difference? As the name suggests, the first one will be an upgrade to the current Mavic drone while the second one will surely be much smaller and more lightweight. If you’re on the lookout for a drone, then you can’t miss the event tomorrow, said to start at 10 am EST.

We’re prepared to see Mavic 2 with:

  • stronger joints making it more rugged and long-lasting
  • increased flight time (from 27min to at least 30 minutes)
  • a much bigger range than the current 4.3 miles
  • increased top speed (from 40 mph to at least 45mph)
  • rear sensors for obstacle avoidance (rumor is they might surprise us with a 360-degree obstacle avoidance system)
  • a new 4820 mAh battery
  • waterproofing, if we’re lucky (it’s not unheard of – DJI Matrice 200 series can fly in the rain)
  • a drone camera with variable aperture so the exposure can be adjusted to brightly lit environments
  • possible gesture control (as Spark features)

These features, if they come to life, will add to the price, which might give some of you a bitter-sweet taste. So, DJI is preparing to launch a more budget-friendly drone, Mavic Air. This should be smaller than Mavic 2, but not as small as Spark. The teaser released by DJI points towards such a UAV, praising a compact form: “from seemingly insignificant size comes formidable strength and power.”

We’re ready to report of a Mavic Air with:

  • a more streamlined look than the Mavic Pro (think of the curves on Phantom 4 Pro)
  • foldable form
  • 20-25 minutes of flight time
  • a range anywhere from 1.24 to 4.3 miles

If you ask us, this drone should cost around $599, since it’s a compromise between Spark and Mavic Pro. We’ll know availability and definite prices tomorrow, though, so stay tuned for updates!

Have you seen Ronin S, the first gimbal for professional cameras released by DJI at CES 2018? If not, check it out here!

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