Meet Xiao AI, Xiaomi’s Voice Assistant

Meet Xiao AI, Xiaomi’s voice assistant that’s going to run on flagships like the Mi Mix 2S.

Xiaomi’s Siri-like assistant is preloaded on the Mi Mix 2S and is also available on Xiaomi smart speakers. On the rest of the Xiaomi phones, it can be accessed after you update to the Chinese MIUI software.

With its help, you can take selfies and upload them to China’s major social media platforms like WeChat, but also set alarms, do calculations, and other actions enabled with voice-commands. If you have a few smart appliances like the Xiaomi smart rice cooker or just some smart light bulbs, Xiaomi AI will allow you to interact with them as well.

However, you might have noticed in the video that it’s only subtitled, so, if you live outside of China and have a Xiaomi phone, don’t get your hopes up just yet!

At the moment, Xiaomi does not intend to deploy its AI to smartphones on the Indian market or Europe. If you buy one from there, you’ll be stuck with Google Assistant.

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