Mighty Doesn’t Need A Smartphone To Play Your Spotify Favorites

mighty spotify

A fan of Spotify but not of smartphone armbands during runs? This small gadget might come in handy then. Mighty promises to help you listen to your Spotify favorites during jogs, without needing a phone around #audiomagic

The iPod Shuffle-style gadget starts working the minute you set your account via Android/iOS app. Once you’re done with the setup, add the device to your Wi-Fi network and log into Spotify. From then on, you’ll have your playlists ready to access on device, by pushing a button. Mighty comes in black, white and orange, with a big Play or Pause button, volume and track ones, plus one to change playlists. That said, there’s no Shuffle button, so you’ll have to change tracks manually.

That ‘s a real drawback, but if you can leave that behind, you’re in for quite a nice gadget at $85.99. With water resistance and a clip to attach it to your tee, jacket or jeans’ pockets, Mighty makes a really good deal.

One more thing – Mighty is said to last 5 hours on one charge. That’s pretty decent, if you’re not at the gym or on the run all the time. Otherwise, you’ll have to carry your USB cable around and make sure you have the conditions to recharge it.

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