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Motion Capture Suit, To Change The Future Of Animated Movies

rokoko smartsuit

Animated movies require more than a director, actors and actors’ staff. Besides film cameras, there are teams of technicians and 3D artists that track and scan actors’ motions to render them in 3D and further animate them. This can be rather costly for a small creative team, so here’s where Rokoko comes in. Their motion capturing suit turns the studio in a wearable #objectmagic

With 19 embedded sensors, the Smartsuit Pro can last around 8 hours and is rechargeable with a USB power bank. Each sensor includes a gyrometer, accelerometer, and magnometer to capture key data. Then, an algorithm takes the information, gives it meaning and streams it to the computer or stores it inside the suit. 

No special location or specialists are needed to capture the wearer’s moves. After data is collected, all you need is a 3D software package to process it further. Plus, the tech comes with plugins for Unity, Unreal Engine, and MotionBuilder engine. Moreover, you can experiement with your own using Rokoko’s SDK.

If the suit sounds tempting, go to their official site to find out more. Pre-order prices start from $2,245 with shipping expected in February 2017.

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