Nest Cam Outdoor Helps You Take Action Before Intruders Get To The Front Door

The first Nest Cam changed the way you perceived safety at home and put your mind to ease. With advanced Night Vision, alerts and 24/7 recording, it made sure you could see what was happening at home from far away. Now, the Outdoor version promises to help you keep intruders out of your front lawn #securemagic

Nest Cam Outdoor comes with the same features that made the first security camera so popular with improved durability, no matter the weather. The gadget still records 24/7 at 1080p, whether it snows or rains. Eight infrared LEDs ensure great Night Vision, Nest Aware keeps you updates with alerts when something suspicious happens and the app organizes everything under one umbrella. Also, the device returns with Activity Zones but also Person Alerts, ignoring your neighbor’s labrador.

The best thing? Anyone can install it. The device plugs in easily, so you don’t need to keep count of batteries used. Yes, it still saves your footage up to 30 days. If that sounds good to you, you can pre-order the gadget here for $199.  

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