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This Is Why You Should Never Ask For Photoshop Help On The Internet

photoshop fail mountain
credits: @markiplier

Don’t have the time or desire to learn Photoshop? Ask others for help! At least, that’s the logical thing to do, except when your friends are as clueless as you and you have to resort to the Internet. Here, you’ll find more Internet trolls than anything else, that’s for sure. YouTuber Mark Fischbach is the latest to find that in the “worst” way #fotomagic

Mark Fischbach or markiplier  riled up the Internet with a photo of him and a mountain in the background. The request was “simple” – make it seem like he’s holding up the mountain:

Of course, once you see the picture it’s hard not to respond with a lame, funny, sarcastic picture as so many users did:

Did he really expect something else? Probably not – it might have been just another way to get some viral attention. Oh, and don’t get us wrong – for as many hopeless Photoshop users out there, there’s an equal amount of designers who play troll by the night. We owe James Friedman a barrel of laughs:

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