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No Bluetooth, Battery-Free Flip Stylus Can Guess Your Moves

Finding a digital tool for taking notes, sketching and erasing your mistakes should be easy peasy. Truth is every stylus out there has a feature you love, forcing you to compromise. One tool on Kickstarter though drew our attention for its sheer intuitive nature. Flip guesses your moves and intentions before you make them thanks to its magnetic core #objectmagic

Instead of using Bluetooth and batteries to connect to your iPad, Flip uses magnets. A magnetic field is generated and the patented algorithms ensure that the device’s hardware can sense and detect the field so it can establish a precise location for the stylus. Once the orientation is clear, there’s no way that the tablet will confuse the stylus with your palm or fingers, so you can support your hand on the tablet carefree.

So, why is it called “Flip”? Well, the stylus can write and paint using three different tips but if you want to erase, you have to flip the stylus and use the opposite end as a pencil eraser. Lynktec has worked to make this stylus even more intuitive by making it zoom in when you hover over the tablet and auto dim the iPad’s display when you stop writing.

The project was crowdfunded on Kickstarter where it sells for $40 (early bird). 

No Bluetooth, Battery-Free Flip Stylus Can Guess Your Moves
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