No More Blindspots! This AR Motorcycle Helmet Shows The Road Behind


On the open road, a motorcycle gives you the freedom, if not necessarily the speed, a car can’t. The adrenaline makes you feel alive and almost disregard the dangers such a vechicle comes with; in big cities, with heavy infrastructure and even busier traffic, getting around on two wheels is almost a daredevil’s act. So, a startup from San Francisco tried to diminish the inherent dangers that come with this hobby, by developing an AR helmet with 180 degrees Blindspot camera.

After the company’s CEO had a motorcycle accident in Barcelona, it was clear things needed to change in the safety department. He wasn’t about to give up his passion because he glanced at his GPS at the wrong moment, so he helped develop a smart helmet who could relieve a biker from his main concerns: the road behind as well as those necessary GPS directions.

Skully AR-1 emerged, a helmet that displays not just GPS information but the road behind with a blindspot camera:


On the visor, that is now updated with a transparent HUD display,  the biker can see its current speed and everything that is happening behind him, in video, as a ultrawide-angle camera works from the back of the helmet. When the helmet is synced with the smartphone, it even shows GPS directions on the same HUD.

At 3.8 pounds, the helmet is easy enough to be worn on a daily basis, which is perfect since you can use other cool features too, such as hands-free for calls, music streaming and helmet-to-helmet communication. You can buy it from their website, for $1.499.

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