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One NODE To Charge Them All: Tiny Multi-Charger For Apple Devices

A true Apple fan has at least two devices from the company, more often even three. As nice as working in a tech ecosystem is, there’s one problem those customers always face: simultaneous charging. How to charge an iPad, Apple Pencil and iPhone/MacBook at the same time, without carrying all those wretched cables? Enter NODE #objectmagic

This tiny device, that follows the design line crafted by Apple, works as a compact multi-charger for up to three Lightning devices. As you can see, it’s a great replacement for adapters and multiple cords which makes it an indispensable companion on business travels.

Best of all, NODE is very budget-friendly. It can be ordered now for $19.95 here with March 1st as shipping date.

NODE is the creation of I Love Handles, a company in Oregon started by two buddies with background in product design and illustration. “In 2010, we were watching the minute-by-minute coverage of Apple’s keynote when they announced a small, square iPod nano. We thought it would be great to design a watch band so people could wear the new nano on their wrist as a watch. We thought it was a fun idea, so we had a few late nights putting the pieces together to make a product. A week later, we launched Rock Band, a watch band designed for iPod nano. We went to bed and woke up the next day to a crashed server that was being bombarded by traffic.”, the founders remember.

Since then, they’ve been faithful to their business philosophy – to produce “smart, useful, and unique” accessories. Today, I Love Handles’ range is extended to cover smart home decorations and fun, grownup tech toys.

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