NVIDIA Is Improving Innovative Technique To Make High Resolution VR With Low Cost


NVIDIA is working on one sure way of making VR headsets not just more affordable in the future, but a consumer’s essential. It’s called foveated rendering, a technique that implies eye tracking #realitymagic

The idea behind foveated rendering is to offer high resolution only on the places where your eyes usually focus. By tracking your eye movements, just those areas will be rendered at full capacity, leaving room for processing other tasks. NVIDIA is now researching this possibility, using eye trackers from  SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI). These are said to capture even the quickest eye movements and helped the company understand better what people see in their periphery and draw much-needed conclusions.

The goal is to get a better rendering algorithm that would enable greater foveation, helping future VR gears keep the quality of visuals while minimizing the processing power needed. If NVIDIA and other companies continue investing time and resources in this area, future VR sets could be equipped with eye trackers and cost less or at least low-cost devices would provide much better imagery.

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