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This Simple Web Tool Can Teach Anyone How To Use A DSLR

photography mapped web tool

You’re planning to give your dad a DSLR this Christmas, although he has no clue how to use one? At least, give him some tips before. Or, if you don’t have time for an A-Z course on photography, make him a list of online tutorials. Instead of a crash course, he can always check out Photography Mapped, a quirky web tool #fotomagic

A designer and animator from London developed the interactive infographic after realizing most video tutorials were incomplete or just passive experiences and books, confusing. So he set to make Photography Mapped, a web tool with a static chart that explains the physics of photography and a series of interactive graphics that help users understand the relationship between settings.

The first graphic is a sort of introduction in photography, from the moment the light hits the sensor. The dynamic graphic is full of toggles that stand for  aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The more an user adjusts them, the better he sees the changes these cause to a scene. While your dad won’t have a real photograph to play with, a drawing of an helicopter is going to be just perfect to notice the differences.

Photography Mapped can be accessed free of charge, here. 

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