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Piccolo Brings A Gesture-Based Assistant For Smart Homes

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If you thought Amazon, Google and Samsung are dictating the trends of tech by saying it’s all about voice assistants and smart assistants, you’ll be happy to know alternatives will be available. That’s if you don’t want to talk to your devices or Spotify app

Here’s the Vision Assistant from Piccolo, something that will make you flail around like crazy. Well, not flail, but mostly point, because the Vision Assistant is actually gesture based. #softwaremagic

You put the Piccolo camera in your home, point towards your smart devices and the app does a bit of skeletal tracking to understand your movements. It looks like this and promises quite a few things for those less talkative!

If the tech works as intended, you could simply point towards your TV and it will turn on, wave your hands to fast-forward on Netflix and so on. Remember what Kinect promised with its gesture commands?

The team behind the Piccolo does not want to replace Alexa as your main assistant but rather work alongside it. However, as TechCrunch reported, for the Piccolo to work you’d basically need to connect it to every smart device you own. It sounds good in theory, but the developers, hoping to raise funds via Kickstarter, will have to create support for each device you connect.

Sounds like a big challenge to face, but it is some interesting tech for smart homes, so we’ll keep you posted on their success!

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