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Polaroid Instant Camera Is Back This October

polaroid originals instant camera

The Polaroid is back! Ten years after the brand stopped making instant cameras, another company stepped in their shoes and now, it has released OneStep 2, an instant cam that pays homage to the original #fotomagic

OneStep 2 will take you back in time, with its Polaroid OneStep-borrowed design. Although it sticks to the classic principles of instant photography, it does have some modern features. You’ll find a timer, flash and USB connection so you can charge it faster, all while being on the road. The camera uses packs of 600 film or B&W “i-Type” film.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because the film was developed by Impossible Project for their i-1 camera. The same company is behind the OneStep 2 cam, to no one’s surprise, really. They guarantee a 60-day battery life, not at all shabby.

polaroid onestep2

OneStep 2 is just the latest in a series of cameras and films released by the Impossible Project, now re-branded as Polaroid Originals. The company shot to fame after reverse engineering the legendary camera maker’s instant film and selling it to nostalgics. Today, Polaroid Originals’ parent company is in possession of the Polaroid brand and its intellectual property.

So, if you want to go back in time and take pictures in a more authentic way, you can pre-order the camera. The price is $99 and will ship starting October 16th. 

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