The Mother Of Upgrades: Project Scorpio Takes Xbox To A Whole New Level

Project Scorpio Xbox

Microsoft is all excited about their next game console. Not because it will support new, crazy games but because it will be the long-awaited, VR-ready upgrade to Xbox One. Microsoft even calls it “the most powerful game console ever made” and refers to it as Project Scorpio #objectmagic

While the competition is working to launch Nintendo NX next March and PlayStation Neo this fall, Microsoft is putting all its energy in Project Scorpio. It’s meant to be “the mother of all upgrades”, with 4.5 times the power of the “veteran” Xbox One . Expect games to load in ultra-high-def 4K resolution at 60fps.

Impressed? You should be, as best-looking titles like Halo 5, The Witcher 3 or Doom will appear like never before. Granted, you need 4K TV to enjoy the full experience, otherwise the purchase won’t make sense.

Microsoft says even the earliest games for Xbox One will work on this console, as well as the accessories your purchased previously. As for existing or soon-to-be-launched ones, if they have the stamina to handle 4K, the console will have no problem in supporting them.

The price will be higher than the one currently for Xbox One S ($300) but given the VR compatibility and hardware upgrades, we can’t complain at all.

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