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This Quotes Smartwatch Is A Mood Booster

If staring at your wrist gets you a mere BPM or mail notification, perhaps the newly unveiled Quotes smartwatch will make your day better with a bit of inspiration.

Quotes is a watch with an e-Ink display that shows a steady stream of Eat, Pray, Love-style quotes you need to motivate, amuse or reaffirm you. Of course, you can also see the time, in case you get a bit carried away by the thought-provoking words of wisdom. 

The smartwatch connects to your phone via Bluetooth. There, a dedicated app allows you to opt for the category of messages you like, the intervals they refresh at and the font they appear in.

For those who would rather see their notifications on an e-Ink screen, which doesn’t come with the eye-strain inherent in LCDs, there’s a way to do that as well, in real time! 

When it comes to general notifications and messages, the Quotes smartwatch will only show you alerts from friends and family who have the mobile app installed and have you on their friends list. While the Quotes smartwatch won’t offer the features most hi-tech wearables do, it is a great budget choice for those wanting to simplify their digital lifestyle.

Currently sold on Kickstarter starting at $92 for early backers, it comes in five colors, with the final price tag being $159. Shipping is set for this October.

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