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The Real Cost Of Materials That Make The Expensive iPhone 7

Apple’s products price increase this year left many wondering if they’re really worth the money. iPhone 7 Plus (the base model with 32GB) is $120 more than the iPhone 7 model and the previous iPhone 6S, MacBook Pro is a whooping $2799 in US and sells for even more money in UK.  R&D, IP, company value are in big part responsible for the established price, but how much would the parts cost? Here’s the low-down #mobilemagic

According to CNN, just the parts of the iPhone 7 are less than a half of the total cost. Normally, you can purchase an 128 GB iPhone 7 now, SIM free for $749. Strip it down to its bare essentials and you get a $292 cost.

That is the total price of:

  • Screen = $37
  • Battery = $4
  • Cameras = $26
  • Logic board = $74
  • Speakers = $11.50
  • Casing = $22
  • Other smaller parts = $117.50

As unfair as that difference may seem at first, you have to keep in mind that the rest of the money account for research and development, intellectual property, the experience Apple gives to the customer and so on. Many other phone manufacturers rely on the same parts as Apple does with the iPhone and yet have a hard time surpassing the US company in consumers top-of-mind.


The Real Cost Of Materials That Make The Expensive iPhone 7
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