You Can Now Make A Reservation At The First Space Hotel

orion span aurora station

What’s the best place to go on vacation if you’re a thrill seeker? Not underwater, in a comfortable accommodation , or in the middle of a jungle but in… space. Now that commercial, extraterrestrial flights are possible, the first space hotel is no longer an outlandish idea. In fact, Orion Span is already taking reservations for such a place. #tomorrowmagic

Aurora Station is their private space station that will function as the first space hotel. The plan is to get it in orbit by 2021 and start receiving the first guests the following year.

How will that work? Aurora Station will orbit once every one and a half hours at about 200 miles above our planet. In the 12-day stay the company is offering, the guests will get to experience zero gravity, watching as the sun rises and sets multiple times. Although the activities aboard are limited in number and imagination, there will be opportunities to interact with astronauts and learn how to grow food in space for the curious minds.

Thankfully, no more than four people will be able to stay at the hotel at the same time, besides the two crewmembers. They should preferably be friends or family, since this could turn out to be a more stressful experience than expected.

That doesn’t mean those who will undertake such a challenge won’t be prepared for it beforehand. Instead of undergoing a 24-month training routine, they will have to learn on fast-forward in just three months. The training will consist of an online course and in-person sessions.

So how much for this adventure? Are you sitting down? Ok. A ticket costs $9.5 million.

If you haven’t fainted yet, you should know the ride to the hotel is “included” and there’s a $80,000 deposit to pay upfront. We’re just hoping that in time, this will stop being a rare luxury to become a pricey, but attainable adventure.


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