Samsung Unveils World Premiere Technology With 3D Cinema LED

Samsung 3D Cinema LED

Have you been avoiding going to 3D movies because the image is too dark or it makes you dizzy? Some of us even experience headaches after viewing 3D movies. This soon will change due to the Samsung 3D Cinema LED, a screen that is, in the company’s own words, a ‘first of its kind’. #objectmagic

The Samsung 3D Cinema LED debuted at Integrated Systems Europe 2018 and made waves for overcoming the limitations of existing film projectors.

The brand new cinema screen offers a 4K resolution, alongside infinite ‘true black’ HDR and non-distorted imagery, no matter where you’re seated in the theater.

“The left video should be seen only by the left eye and the right video only by the right eye. But there are moments when our eyes receive overlapped imagery. This is called ‘crosstalk,’ and the repetition of crosswalk causes the dizziness and headache. Fortunately, our developers came up with an algorithm for 3D Cinema LED to completely get rid of any crosstalk from happening, therefore dealing with the dizziness and headache issues.”

This was the challenge Samsung had to overcome and the company is confident it achieved just that with its 3D Cinema LED.

To see how close they are to that promise, check out the demo below. It’s the trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets captured on the screen through 3D glasses. Definitely looks better than that movie’s Metacritic score!

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