Samsung Is Betting On Foldable Galaxy X To Outshine iPhone X In 2018

samsung foldable phones

iPhone X might be the talk of the town these days, but that’s about to change in the months to come, if Samsung has something to say about it. Apparently, Galaxy X, the foldable smartphone that Samsung has teased for a while now, will make an appearance in early 2018 #mobilemagic

The rumors surrounding Galaxy X’ impending release were triggered by a change in the South Korea National Radio Research Agency. There, a new device with the codename SM-G888N0 is listed; in case you don’t remember, that’s the same codename we’ve been hearing for quite a while now in relation to the Galaxy X. The listing was published this September 21st.

When a device is featured in this database, it’s certain that one of two things can happen – either it’s already available or it will launch soon. In the foldable phone’s case, it’s the latter, obviously. Talk about Samsung’s bendable phone began years ago, analysts believing it would make an appearance until the end of 2017. But the release date was postponed over and over again.

After this certification, though, there’s reason to believe Samsung will stop the teasing and actually release the product. Its innovative UX, thanks to the bendable body, would certainly put a damper on the more recent phone launches.

After all, would it really surprise us if Samsung decided to launch such a revolutionary phone and the Galaxy S9 just to outshine iPhone X?!

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