Samsung Points at Apple’s “Batterygate” and Notch in Recent Ad

Samsung really wants to pick a fight with Apple, considering the new ad the company has released.

The video ad, “Moving On”, follows up on the “Growing Up” campaign and in it, Samsung uses the recent controversies that have been floating around Apple as canon fodder.

The ad follows a woman who makes a long distance trip, whose plans are repeatedly destroyed by her less than mediocre phone performance. Do I need to tell you what phone it is? An iPhone, of course.

The phone (an iPhone 6, by the way) fails to open the iBooks app and cannot load the QR boarding code. Next to the lady, who is frustrated about her iBooks issue, we can see a Galaxy S9 Plus owner who is snuggled up in his seat, happily watching Justice League on the phone’s much larger 6.2-inch display.

Eventually, the woman goes to an Apple store and tries to have her phone fixed, and, much to her dismay, she is told she should rather upgrade. She decides instead to buy a Galaxy S9, just before we see the return of the notch dude who walks by the Apple Store, holding his notch son.

While entertaining to watch, this feud stands in the favor of Samsung – if we’re to talk about hard stats, that is.

The Galaxy S9, as reported by mobile data speed experts Ookla, offers download speeds that are 42 percent faster than the iPhoneX and iPhone 8 range. The Galaxy is also capable of downloading a full length movie in about five minutes. The iPhone takes around 7 minutes.

If you want more stats, Samsung made it all available on their official blog.

Is Samsung taking it too far, or is it just simply too funny to watch to even care?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Oliver

    May 23, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    Samsung must have forgotten that few years ago it batteries literally exploded and you couldn’t board on a plane turned it on.

    So…. now they’re the boss? Most of Samsung’s functions are copied from iPhone. What’s the deal?

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