Samsung Appeal In Patent Lawsuit To Apple Is Refused

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Samsung’s long battle court with Apple has come to an end. The US Supreme Court refused to hear the South Korean manufacturer’s appeal in the patent suit.

If you’re more familiar with Apple’s trial against Qualcomm and their legal complications but not so much with this one, let us refresh your memory real quick. It all began in 2014, when federal court in San Jose, California ruled that Samsung had infringed several patents owned by Apple. These concerned Apple’s best-selling product, the iPhone, and some of its critical features. More specifically, Samsung had used their patents for the slide-to-unlock mechanism, autocorrect system and the ability to turn addresses and phone numbers in links.

The court decided that justice would be done if Samsung paid Apple $119.6 million. Of course, Samsung made an appeal which was accepted by the Federal Circuit, only to be taken back in October 2016. Samsung didn’t chill and Netflix at that point, of course. They went to the US Supreme Court with an appeal. The reasoning behind it was that the Federal Circuit made that decision without hearing them out properly. The company also implied that the court was favoring the patent holder.

Their appeal was met with a blunt refusal. This means that Samsung will be forced to pay up. Fortunately, it won’t be that much of a blow since a previous ruling stating Apple had to pay Samsung $399 million is valid and unchangeable.

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