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Smart Home Speaker Calls The Police During Altercation

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If you thought the smart home speaker was a whim of technology… you’ll change your mind after hearing what happened in New Mexico. #objecmagic

Believe it or not, a woman was saved from a domestic abuse incident thanks to such a gadget. The New Mexico police got a call from a most unexpected source – a home speaker. It seems that at the moment of the call, the abuser – a man called Eduardo Barros  – and a woman were fighting. At some point, Barros yelled “did you call the sheriffs?” which the home speaker interpreted as a request. So, the gadget called 911 and the police was able to hear every threat.

Authorities intervened quickly, calling negotiators and a SWAT team. Barros was arrested immediately for assault, battery and firearm use.  While the woman was hurt, the unexpected intervention did stop Barros from inflicting any injury on her daughter. The County Sheriff admits that the speaker  “possibly helped save a life”.

There’s no info regarding the brand of the home speaker yet. What matters, though, is that this case shows home speakers can be essential in more ways than one. They’re equally suited to keep users up to date with their agendas as well as ask for help, when they can’t. Imagine needing to call an ambulance but unable to move or like in this domestic violence case, wanting to get help but afraid to move.

Sure, home speakers are not smart enough to make the distinction between a user’s name and a voice coming from the TV, so there’s the potential risk of making awkward and useless calls. The police might be reluctant to use them on a regular basis, but a future where home speakers are part of a security plan is not very far-fetched.

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