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Sony PlayStation VR Will Hit Stores This Week

It’s finally October so we know what we’ll see everywhere from this point on: pumpkins and… PlayStation VR. Sony has kept its word and we’ll see the virtual reality bundle hitting stores this week #realitymagic

When, more exactly? Tomorrow, October 13th. From the 50 games promised for the platform,  about 30 will be available from the get-go. Fortunately, the majority are pretty fun to play so you won’t be in for a disappointment. From the top of our heads, we recall:

  • Thumper – a twisty race on a colorful track that takes you to almost alien spaces
  • Batman: Arkham VR
  • PlayStation VR Worlds – series of experiences that will show you exactly why this environment is great for gaming
  • SuperHyperCube – a modern take on an arcade game; you have to put the cube in the hole and it’s easier said than done 
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – not so much a horror than as a shooter

Now, Sony PSVR isn’t the best headset on the market, but it comes with a pretty good price for what it offers: comfortable hardware, user-friendly sessions and the best chance you’ll have at playing cool games in VR.

The launch bundle is going to hit at $499 – headset, video& audio box, PS Camera and two PS Move controllers but keep your eyes open for less costly offers that include fewer accessories (if you have some of them already).

This Thursday, make sure to check out Best Buy,  Walmart,  Target  and other local retail stores.

Sony PlayStation VR Will Hit Stores This Week
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