MWC 2018

Sony Xperia XZ2 Fought For Attention On All Fronts

Sony didn’t take any chances at this edition of Mobile World Congress. Besides showing off the power of their mobile cameras, the company checked two other boxes – audio and 3D scanning. Their booth attracted dozens, including us, with three demos, competing with the likes of Samsung that had an entire experience corner. Did their efforts pay off in the end? #mobilemagic

By now, you probably know the specs (if not check our rundown here!) so you’re more interested in the feel and the actual user experience. We approached the guys from Sony with the same intention.

First stop: their audio demo stand. The Dynamic Vibration System was one of the features that got me, personally, most excited – especially since I love the feedback on the Sony controllers. We were told Sony used the same technology here, but in a more subdued manner. The idea is to have a complete immersive experience when you see a movie on Xperia XZ2 or play a game. Indeed, the vibrations make every cinematic action scene more real but caution – if you put the phone on a wooden desk, get ready to hear your furniture whining! It’s definitely not discreet.

Next stop: the 3D selfie capture stand. By enabling this tech for the front camera and integrating it with Facebook, we should be able to upload our 3D selfies directly from the Xperia XZ2 soon enough. So, after waiting in line for a while – people were ecstatic about this feature – Yue was brave enough to try it. The end result was not the most flattering, that we can safely say. The demo had a hiccup or two, although it did work for other visitors. Will it become as popular as Sony hopes? Maybe. Selfies and people’s passion for Social Media won’t disappear anytime soon, that’s for sure. But, unlike 2D, 3D exposes you completely, good and bad parts, and that’s not something we all want.

Final stop: the 4K HDR video recording demo. Wow! It’s no secret that Sony rules in matters of camera so this demo didn’t disappoint. At all. Not only does XZ2 offer 960 fps slow motion recording at 1080p (more than Samsung S9, folks!) but we also saw the quality of the 4K HDR recording. Yeah, the files take up more space, which was a bummer… until we realized that hey!, the phone has an SD card slot, so no need to worry. In fact, we liked this feature so much that we couldn’t help but compare it to the level of quality iPhone X gives (one of the most popular flagships right now).

The verdict? To come soon, in a comparison video!

Bottom line: Sony had something for everyone. Are you the type to Netflix and chill on your phone? There’s haptic feedback to make the audio experience better! Are you always looking at front camera power first, because you love taking selfies? This phone will satisfy that need AND offer something extra! Video recording quality is essential for you? Then, you absolutely have to check for yourself the HDR capabilities in 4K! Did the Sony demos at MWC have their hiccups? They did, but that happens sometimes. We were slightly disappointed, but customers probably won’t be as Sony will fix any remaining issues through software updates.

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