SpaceX Gets Approval For Satellite-Powered Internet Service

spacex fcc approval internet satellites world premiere

Just one day after SpaceX took a hit for the damage their rocket made to Earth’s ionosphere last year, Elon Musk and his company received great news. The company just got FCC approval to set up the largest internet service in space.

This means SpaceX got permission to operate 4,425 satellites and bring internet in remote and rural areas.

The official FCC press release said that it’s the first time in history when “a U.S.-licensed satellite constellation” is approved “to provide broadband services using a new generation of low-Earth orbit satellite technologies.”

Right now there is of course internet satellite, but that’s extremely slow, as the satellites in question orbit too high. Elon Musk’s project wants to launch more than 4,000 internet satellites in low orbit, at less than 1,000 miles altitude.

FCC has also approved similar requests by companies like OneWeb, Space Norway and Telesat in order to increase high-speed broadband availability and competition. Don’t worry, there’s probably not gonna be an incident like the one described in the movie Gravity. At least, we hope not.

Meanwhile, the other famous Musk venture, Tesla Motors, had to recall 123,000 Model S electric cars after a small fault was found.

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