Stephen Hawking’ Legacy Is A Paper That Could Prove The Existence Of Parallel Universes

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Less than two weeks before his death, Hawking and another colleague submitted a paper that could one day help us prove the existence of the multiverse and even discover a parallel universe #todaymagic

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking passed away last week, at the age of 76. Despite his long life battle with ALS, Hawking never ceased working on tools that could help us uncover as much of the mysteries of the universe as we can. Just as week and a half before he died, he submitted a paper that could help us prove the multiverse theory.

“A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation” is the name of the paper he wrote with physics professor Thomas Hertog. There, they laid the groundwork for a deep-space probe that could collect evidence for this theory.

With Sci-Fi TV shows on the rise, you must have seen the implications of a multiverse. Flash is one series that has focused on this subject of late, imagining different Earths and “breaches” that allow people to cross this barrier in space.

If this were real, Hawking believes it would be measurable in background radiation that dates to the beginning of time. The tool to pick up that radiation is a deep-space probe with an assortment of sensors.

The finished paper will be published by a “leading journal” in the weeks to follow, after it is reviewed properly. Such an astounding discovery would be worthy of a Nobel Prize, although the committee would not be able to confer it to Hawking post-mortem.

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