Watch Steven Spielberg Use HTC Vive to Shoot Ready Player One

Ready Player One is out for almost a month now and we can safely say it’s Spielberg success. The film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s novel has been in top 10 box-office movies since its debut, standing at $126.1 million for its Stateside total. Not too shabby, huh? Now that the dust has settled, we can go behind the scenes. HTC has recently released a BTS clip of the crew and director during shoots, showing how the team used Vive headsets in their favor.

The movie is filled with special-effects, considering the subject and the futuristic world in which the action takes place. To make the virtual sets more real for Spielberg and the actors, several HTC Vive headsets were used.

You can see in the clip above how the director walk on an empty soundstage and creates shots, starting from the virtual areas the designers already put in place. Actors are also using the headsets to understand better the environment imagined, as well as the reactions they’re supposed to have.

After all, to create such a rich, immersive experience, the crew and the tech have to be in sync. Actors give life to the movie in a different, but perhaps not bigger way than the special effects, props (where HTC played a significant role), music and sound effects (with DTS pushing the limits of audio) used.

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