Programmer Takes Super Mario Bros To Central Park In Augmented Reality

super mario bros augmented reality

Pokemon in AR took the world by storm. But what could go even more viral is a game of Super Mario Bros. At least, that’s what our gut tells us after seeing one programmer play the game in a park #realitymagic

Abhishek Singh recreated the first level of Super Mario Bros. in AR. He used Unity3D to make the augmented reality version for Microsoft Hololens. Once he was done, Singh took his demo seriously and dressed up as Super Mario to play the game. In the middle of Central Park in New York City, he gave it a go.

As you can see in the video below, the elements from Super Mario – mushrooms, jump platforms, blocks – appear overlaid on the greenery and streets from the park as Singh jumps and bumps into them:

The feel of the AR experience is pretty realistic and from what it seems, entertaining enough. With the right incentive, you can probably spend a while doing game-cardio outside. But will this content arrive to Hololens for the public? It remains to be seen.

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