Swedish Guy Creates iPhone X In-Camera Portal

iphone x optical illusion

When it comes to crazy design and illusions, let the Swedes handle it. Like artist Peder Norrby did with iPhone X. Believe it or not, the guy managed to create an in-camera portal #mobilemagic

Norrby took to his Twitter profile last week to show off his latest work, done in iPhone X without external devices:

Magic? Of course not, it’s only a trick and it doesn’t actually transport you to another dimension or space in this world. Still, it’s mesmerizing enough that we could watch it for minutes! The artist explained on Twitter that he achieved the cool illusion using the Apple ARKit and iPhone X. The app developed with that software is published already on AppStore. You can find under “The Parallax View” name and it’s free of charge.

If you’re interested in the intricacies of his work, Norrby adds on his blog: “The iPhone X introduces 3D head tracking (face tracking) using its TrueDepth camera. This allows for inferring the 3D positions of the users eyes. Using the position of an eye and the device screen rectangle a non-symmetric camera frustum can be defined. The frustum defines an off-axis projection that when used for rendering on the device allows for objects appearing in front of, and behind the screen of the device.” The entire post can be seen here.

On Twitter, Peder gave some tips on how to see the illusion better:

This is just the latest “magic” done with ARKit from Apple. Developers have previously used it to design a game that is played with your eyebrows,  a more realistic interdimensional portal and experiences with Star Wars characters. 

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