Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot, To Roll Out In December

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot

Wondering when the new Enhanced Autopilot feature will actually be active on your Tesla car? Lucky you, soon enough. Elon Musk confirmed that the upgraded Autopilot should start rolling out in three weeks #automagic

Drivers that bought latest Model S or Model X cars with Enhanced Autopilot feature will be able to test it in time for Christmas. As you recall, the new hardware promised level 5 autonomy, in steps. So, while the feature will become available next month, Tesla owners won’t be able to enjoy it fully at first:

At the end of next year, Musk believes his cars will achieve full autonomy – drivers will be able to get from Los Angeles to New York City without giving any input to the car. Check out a self-driving demo:

Until then, those who own a Tesla with the upgraded Autopilot can expect to benefit gradually from automatic lane changing, lane keeping, self-park and smart summon. It should all start at the end of this year, with monthly updates so drivers, keep your fingers crossed and you’ll have something to brag about next year.

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